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Friday, February 15, 2008

Petal Beauty Framed

"Petal Beauty" By Belinda Lindhardt Acrylic on Board.

I soooo love it when i get good service and find a good product.
I love it so much i feel like i have to tell everyone to pass it on, so here is one of those posts :)
I know most of you are overseas bare with me, this is probably most interesting for my Australian readers as these guys are based in Sydney.

So, I wanted to frame my Petal Beauty artwork for a local exhibition, it's an odd size as its from my own prepared board, i have 3 other boards at the same size so i wanted to be efficient and get frames at the same time for all of them.
Off i went down to the local framers, let me just say that weren't too keen on creating frames for me to insert the artwork myself (if fact they more or less told me i couldn't do it myself and they wanted to do it as they had some special gun for staples...hmmmm) then ontop of that after 20mins of debating with them on the moulding i preferred it turned out they didn't have the one i wanted and it would take another 3 weeks for me to get that. So needless to say i decided that i wasn't going to go ahead with them. I had more or less given up framing this one for the exhibition as its next week and didn't think i would be able to get something in time that is UNTIL.. i remembered a couple of links i had for online framing places that i thought i would check out. Gosh i love the internet... - Your one stop frame shop
Here is where i purchased 3 frames to the size of my choice and can i just say its fanatastic, while i couldnt get the exact moulding i had chosen in my local framing shop, the one i chose is pretty similar (the one i have chosen is more silver than it looks in the photo). Best of all they say delivery will be within 48 hours AND it WAS! The quality of the frames is great, and it didn't cost me a small fortune, so now i can enter my exhibition and i have my extra frames there waiting for the new artworks to slide in when they are done.

In addition to this i now know that my framing is no longer going to be a hassle, i have a matt cutter and one of the things that always puts me off with the CP work is the framing and getting frames that aren't going to cost me the earth (cause lets face it at my level, customers aren't wanting to pay a fortune for getting framing which is 100% quality done and with a framer), now i know i have this service available its like a new world has opened up :).

So there you go i can totally reccommend these guys if you need some frames :) Doesn't my petal beauty look great ?


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Jo Castillo said...

This is just beautiful. Congratulations.

Valerie Jones said...

I love it! The frame compliments the petal beautifully!