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Monday, January 28, 2008

I have been tagged!

Well, i have been tagged :) I was tagged by TET The Extraordinary Tourist his blog is here. He has a post about deciding whether to actually go to the effort of saying you have been tagged and then comes the guilt of actually tagging 5 other bloggers to do the same thing go read it here.
As you can see i decided to do it :) I have to admit i have been tagged before but it wasnt long after my blog began and i had no idea at what being tagged meant and was too busy / embarrased to find out anymore so i never did anything about it. I also am embarrassed to say that I dont really ever have much to hide and i am not sure i do weird things to post about but here you go anyway.

5 things about me that you probably didn't know about me.

1. Ok this is a heavy one ... but i have decided to share it as its a significant thing that happened in my life and changed me forever and it relates to my art. I have actually had 3 children. Prior to my eldest son being born i gave birth to baby girl who died at 19weeks into the pregnancy. As you can imagine this was a very difficult thing to go through and i still think about it often. I actually in some of my larger contemporary pieces paint what i refer to as "life" which is often a kind of ball of light and swirls and stuff which is directly influenced by this emotion and event. i often think of a ball of energy as life as it seems to be where life all starts :) . I did a painting when i was mourning this loss and it helped me tremendously (and still does today) to have something physical i could refer to which represented what i went through. To the casual observer the painting just looks like swirls and colours with a white area in it :) i plan to one day do a series of these types of paintings similar to this to hopefully help out other woman who have been and/or are going through a similar thing. anyway so thats one thing you probably didn't know so onto the lighter stuff :)

2. I used to drive a truck and work in my Dad's kitchen / joinery business.
Yes a truck with a tray, he used to send me out to go pickup deliveries half way across Sydney. I used to sand and edge the laminate edges on the panels for kitchen cabinets and help dad pullout old kitchens ready for him to install ... along with this i was also a receptionist, office admin etc. It was hard work but i did enjoy it. I actually enjoy this type of physical work now more seeing as i don't do it very often. I think if i put my mind to it i am good with wood and handyman type jobs.

3. I like Vegemite and cheese sandwiches and i LOVE even better Vegemite and salt and vinegar chips sandwiches, it has to be on fresh white sandwich bread which i try now not to eat (i am off bread) but occasionally its an indulgence for me. Actually i bought some chips this week just so i could have this one day this week.

4. I love to cook when i have time, actually i love to eat nice food more than cooking and often cook something so i can eat something nice. Many of my friends think i am a bit of a gourmet. Truth is its the way i was brought up, my parents are from Denmark we would regularly eat prawns, nice salads, deli hams and salamis and nice cheeses with rye bread and on Sundays dad would buy nice seafood which i would help prepare and cook a nice early dinner when he was home. When i got together with Dan his mum Theresa who is a fantastic cook introduced me to different types of foods and ingredients than what i was used to so these days i can cook many various types of food. I actually make a very mean Bearnaise sauce (the proper way) i also do a good Tiramasu, and pasta etc my Ribs are pretty good too. i do love thai food and indian all sorts really, I can do a bit of everything, I am not big on desserts and sweets, i can do them but i don't have a good oven at the moment and prefer to leave that to dan's mum :)

5. I am a homebody and i have a few select friends but thats about it. Ok, so yes i suppose i am introverted .. since the kids and my art side expanding this is changing and i am more comfortable meeting new people (i think it has to do with getting older as well) but generally i don't really do good in large crowds or groups particularly with people i dont know. I truthfully find the whole thing a bit stressful and "fake" and would much rather be at home doing other stuff. I don't really think well on my feet ( i like to absorb things) so i feel like i get stumped and don't have much to say... so just try to avoid those types of functions, but i am working on improving this in the future :)

So thats it on me .. now for the 5 people to tag. And don't worry i wont be offended if you don't do it back . (if you have been tagged before and written the post just link to the old post no point in re-inventing the wheel).

Nicole Caulfield
Nicole is an absolutely amazing coloured pencil artist,I have been an admirer of Nicole's work for quite a few years. She is the queen of CP still life and i so wish i could draw cups and jugs and glasses like her.

Daniel Sanger
Ok i am cheating here Daniel was tagged by TET, but i wanna tag him too, he is getting ready for the Archibald so he likely has no time to take part but he is a fabulous artists and is going to go big places.
Michelle Giacobello
Michelle is a relatively new acquaintance of mine so i am just getting to know her. She is a mum and a fabulous artist i just love her style and colours and really enjoy regularly reading her blog.

Rose Welty
Rose is one of the members of the fine art friends group we have formed. Its a private group of supporting artists. Rose is a fabulous support and artist. She does alot of art research and learning. She is an amazing inspiration.

Kasie Sallee
Kasie is another member the fine art friends group. We meet on ScribbleTalk the coloured pencil forum she is a fabulous mum and artist Kasie and i think have an affinity as we both experiencing very similar life journeys and art paths.

To finish, for my tagees, the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog. 2. Share 5 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. 3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs. 4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.


Rose Welty said...

OK, Belinda, I'll do it. Interesting stuff you mention. I'm a little too American for Veggiemite. ;-)

TET (David) said...

Some interesting facts and I really like the artwork you've attached to this post as well.

I'm a bit partial to the Vegemite and cheese sandwich too. Haven't tried chips and Vegemite but used to love peanut butter and chips as a sandwich :)

I'm with you on fact 5 too - I'd much rather stay at home than go to parties/functions where there's lots of people I don't know. Seems like a lot of effort for people you may never see again.

Valerie Jones said...

Oh...the sandwich sounds yummy!!! Loved learning more about you.....Your a great person!

michellegiacobello said...

Brave you for posting #1. It must be terribly hard sometimes, especially when you see your other kids take such big steps.

My Mum also lost a baby between me and my brother, and is absolutely convinced he came back in the form of my little brother - he just wasn't ready yet.

I'll do the tag. :) Just trying to think of something interesting....

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks everyone :)I wasnt sure about posting number 1 but it gives me strength actually. :)

thanks for reading :)

A Reason to Paint said...

I for one am grateful to you for posting #1. Sharing your feelings about the loss of your baby helps to validate the feelings of all the rest of us who have lost little ones. I know what you mean about finding comfort in something tangible from your experience. I cherish a teddy that I bought for our little baby who never made it into my arms.

As for vegimite, I was always a marmite girl until I got married and had to convert!

Serena said...

I can only imagine how painful it would be to lose a child but I'm so glad that painting has helped in the healing process for you.

I'm not a fan of cheese and vegemite sandwiches but vegemite with salt and vinegar chips sounds yummy!