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Monday, January 21, 2008

So where is Belinda ? HUH ?

So i guess a few of you have been asking where is Belinda ? What IS she doing ? Where is the art HUH ? And who is that bumblebee transformer on her blog ???

hehehe Well i have been in the land of websites, updates, graphics, tax / account keeping, finances, selfpromotion, visiting families and a certain 4 year old boy's birthday (if any of that makes any sense at all). The pic is of my oldest who turned 4 yesterday, we didnt really have a party but just had a couple of family members over for lunch but ofcourse then there is the presents, the cake and the cleaning of the house and food preparation and wot not so this is where all of my time has gone. I also have been doing a bit of graphics work cause i really need to start bringing some money in. SIGH... and today i have finished my account keeping for the quarter which always takes up my time so now i have a bit of a clean slate to get cracking. Now i can attack my desk which has a pile of papers so high i cant seem to find anything and my artroom which has no room to start any new artwork in it!!! I have added some updates to my website, I have added a paypal and direct debit option for purchasing of some of my smaller artworks (still to add some more pieces on there so i will post that link soon once its ready to go).

So this is where i have been, i am well aware of the fact that i haven't been sketching and i feel bad about it as it was one of the things i was going to make myself do this year. But i realise i am not superwoman ... baby steps at a time once these bits and pieces are out of the way i will be back in the swing of things !!! Sometimes us mums need to cut ourselves a bit of slack. :)

Oh and before i forget, in case you were wondering, the bumblebee is maxy in his dressup he got for his birthday, what a big boy i now i have.

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