Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, January 04, 2008

artist statement

Well, I am beginning the new year on the right foot i have gotten around to rewriting my artist statement. I am not sure its there yet,  but its on the way. Anyone reading let me know if it doesn't read right!!! :)

Art for me is about capturing “something” that has inspired me. It can be a colour, emotion, object or person that pulls me to want to put a little piece of myself to it and deliver it to the viewer. I am inspired by light, nature and capturing the precious things in life that seem to slip by us ever so quickly.

I have two very distinct styles, my larger acrylic and oil paintings often feature contemporary and abstract themes. These are inspirec by light and colour and I like to use a contrast of smooth flowing areas complimented by thick textured elements. It is style which is evolving for me, and I am really enjoying the experimentation of it.

I also produce very detailed realism styled artworks using artist quality coloured pencils. I am drawn to stillife, animals, and people for this medium and love working with different types of supports such as papers, drafting films and various types of boards to achieve different effects. The techniques used to achieve works of this style are very time consuming but I love the detail and the process involved. I also dabble with pen and ink and watercolour works depending on the subject or mood.

My current theme of work is all about emotion, texture and light. I am enjoying a freer and an experimental phase which I know will evolve into further more distinct themes for the not too distant future.  


Rose Welty said...


I like it. It gives a good summary of your work, sounds friendly and intriguing. You might have a typo in the second para, inspirec instead of inspired.

Gotta go, but good on you!

Henning Lindhardt said...

Hi Belinda,
It all looks very well. Good luck and all the best.
Henning Lindhardt