Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, January 26, 2008

It's been a long time between acrylics

What has happened to this painting ? I don't know.. really i don't but my gosh i had fun!

This painting is one i started about 3-4 years ago i really liked it actually it was based on a previous coloured pencil piece i did previously :) I never quite finished the piece and i wasn't happy with the bottom half of the painting so the other day after doing some really detailed work i decided to tackle it. Having used oils alot recently it was a little strange switching back to acrylics i didn't mind it particularly but i think maybe my style of painting is better suited to oils. However, i will give the acrylics another try on another fresh piece.

As i mentioned, i had just finished some detailed paint work and i felt like i need to work large and thick and let something out, and so the painting evolved to what you see above. My other half was bitterly disappointed when he saw it as he said it was fine to begin with and one of his favorites. :(
I am a bit disappointed in it too i was hoping i would have made it a better piece but on the plus side it felt good just having "fun" with the paint and it doesnt matter its not a "glory" piece or has good composition or anything it just was a good process. You cant quite see it on the photo but it has lots of thick paint in the swirls the kind that look like they are hanging off the painting. I used some impasto in the paint and it was good fun :)

This week i have also been busy working on a new design for my graphics / web design
business. I have the skills sitting there i really need to utilize them and promote my services better to other business. Previously i had just taken the work that has come my way but now the boys are older, my expenses are increasing and i just don't have the luxury of sitting back anymore. Plus i enjoy it, in a different way to my art and i like being able to deliver something to the client in a direct way. So stay tunned for a new design site coming in the next few days. (i hope)

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Jo Castillo said...

Hi Belinda, What fun. I love the impasto strokes. The colors work well together. Looks yummy.