Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

A bit of a revamp

Well as you can see my blog has had a bit of a revamp. I am not sure i like it .. i will see how it sits over the next few days. Expect a few changes as i change my mind a few times :)


Rose Welty said...


It's a common theme these days...I just played around with my template yesterday.

I like the changes. I also went for a "cleaner", less cluttered look - and lighter background. Although you are more clever with the images than I am.

Ann said...

I really like it! The header image works very nicely I think. I am about to tackle a re-working of my website and your blog and website are very inspiring - though I know with my limited web abilities I won't come close to the professional look you have here!

I also wanted to comment on your recent piece Maxy's Bubbles - it looks fantastic! You should be very pleased with how it turned out :)

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I think it looks really nice Belinda!
I've been wanting to change my blog also. Must be that "New Year" fresh start feeling that we're all having.

Serena said...

I really like the change, Belinda.