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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Monet's Garden

When i heard this month the Fine Line Artists group were going to do Monet i knew it was something i was likely going to have a go at.

As per a previous post of mine i visited Monet's Garden when i was about 18 and traveling the world. I didn't know much about him then and i am sorry i didn't as i don't think i appreciated the visit as i would now.

Anyway, in preparation for my new work i checked out my friend Rose's blog she has some great Monet links and she is also doing some work based on him. And as is the norm you can read some more fabulous information and links that Katherine as put together on Making a Mark.

Based on my research what i found interesting was that Monet used a restricted palette of colours. Not having researched him much before i also found out that while his style "known" being that of impressionism, he didnt always do this and had quite a few works with the figures in particular being quite realistic and detailed. What i also found interesting was that he often used thin layers of paint and mixed on the canvas allowing earlier layers to shine through. He also worked dark to light.

So in keeping all of this in mind. I have decided to embark on my on Monet style piece from a photo that was taken in his garden by me when i visited.

I stared out by doing a few thumbnails and then progressed to using Neocolors to map out where i wanted things to go on the canvas.

Next pic (left) is after a few layers of paint. I am using Monet's palette (more or less but no browns or blacks) and using oils. I am trying to work thin and concentrating on working dark to light.

This is as far as i have gotten so far its too wet to do anything more with. I hope it turns out how i see it in my head :) I am not sure about the girl on the bridge. i was thinking maybe a white flowing dress of some sort. The other figure is a lady bending over to look at something in the garden. I really liked this i wanted to include it in my piece but i am not sure it makes for a good composition. There will be bright red kinda branches coming in from the right side going into the painting ... but these will be done later.
Any comments let me know :)

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Daniel Sanger said...

Looking good - will be watching these progress for sure!