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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Weekly Smudge - 20-09-07

Apologies for being a bit late with my smudge this week, its been one of those hard weeks with colds and life just getting in the way. I had to pick myself up dust myself off and get on with things so here i am :) Still standing.

A site i found myself spending quite a bit of time on during the week is

Bet Borgenson's Studio.
Bet is an artist and author and has a wonderful resource on primarily the coloured pencil medium but she also has however other information which is valuable for growing as an artist. Of particular interest she has a "professional Q&A" area which answers many questions myself and my artist friends have been asking such as pricing and prints and approaching galleries etc etc. Its well worth a read if you are considering selling your cp artworks on a professional level. Or read the general faqs for more information about cp medium in general.

Speaking of artist friends, i am yet to post about a new exciting group i am to be a part of which happened last week. A group of online artist friends: Rose Welty, Jo Castillo, Kasie Sallee , have formed a group for the purpose of providing one another with an area where we can critque and support each other in our artistic adventures. The way we have done this is by starting a private blog called Fine Art Friends. So i would give you the url but like i said its private :) I am excited to be among this group of artists and we are hoping it will grow slightly as time goes on and we become accustom to one another and we will be a great support for us all. I urge other artists to find some type of group whether it be via a forum or blog i find it so helpful in moving myself forward through my art particular with small kids i find it hard to belong to a community or weekly group. We have made no particular commitment to one another only to be there when we can so it suits all of us :)

In closing for today i wanted to send you this link which my hubby found its called

Basically its a website which gives you step by step instructions on how to do things. On looking through the site it is just amazing the things which you can learn to do on the site. It has an art and craft section so take a look for a bit of fun.

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Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I'm sorry that you've been feeling bad Belinda! That really stinks!
Have you been feeling any better lately?