Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Monet Update

Here is another update on my monet piece. I have to say i think the oils are beginning to talk to me and we are starting to have a bit of an understanding.

I love acrylic but just when i get to finish mixing my paint with acrylic the kids call me away or the phone rings and before i know it its dried up such a waste. The drying time is a little painful in terms of waiting during the painting but as far my palette i just have all my colours sitting there and can come back to where i left off its great.

I think i am beginning to paint as a draw in cp.. basically in layers .. and building up values rather than trying to smack it all down in the one go ... so hopefully the brain will stop resisting sooner or later and will just do what i tell it to.

i am not sure i can stray away from the details on this one as we get closer to the foreground .. but i am alot loser than i normally am if i can stick with this type of style i will be happy. :)


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, I do think you and the oils are beginning to talk with each other. This is coming along beautifully. The foliage is just stunning!

Serena said...

It's looking great, Belinda! Love the loose feel you're achieving...well done. Slimming the girl down to make her appear more proportioned and more in the distance has worked well though I'd suggest slimming her down just a teeny weeny bit more. However, maybe I'm just feeling she is further back in the painting than you want her to be so please just ignore me. lol

Re. your acrylic palette drying out - Just thought I'd mention that I make up a wet palette using a flat kitchen sponge dampened with water and then wrapped in two sheets of greaseproof paper. I place this in a container that I can seal with lid and I can work from that same palette all week if I need to.

Serena said...

Sorry if you've already mentioned it somewhere but I meant to ask what size this painting is?

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Rose and Serena. I had actually planned to slim her down more Serena :) again i was going a bit wet and trying to get the dark values in so i will work on that more next :)

oooh i like the sound of your palette ooh i think i have to give that a go.. what type of container do you use ?

the size .. this is only little ... :) its 30.5cm X 25.5 cm ... :)

Serena said...

I found the perfect container that fits the size of the flat kitchen sponge perfectly....not all places have them but I know Target and sometimes Woollies have them. It's a square Ferrero-Rocher chocolate box so now, you can have a good excuse to buy choccies making it all the more perfect!! lol Other than that, I also use a cheap rectangular, plastic container found in the dollar stores. I just use it upsidedown where i sit the palette on the lid and seal with the body of the container. Btw, the two sheets of greaseproof paper are very important in the wet palette. If you only use one sheet, your paint will get runny. :)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

ooooh you know i have that exact container to use as a palette already Serena.

i am going to have to give this a go to finish off an acrylic i have on the go ..

thanks :)

Jo Castillo said...

I guess I have been asleep. You are getting so much into this small painting. It is coming along nicely.