Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, September 27, 2007

We have had a visit from the painting fairies!

So as it turns out .. my monet piece had a visit from the painting fairies when i wasnt looking (i thought i had put it out of reach from my 18month old it turns out i didnt account for the fact that he is much taller when he gets a stool to stand on and has a long brush taken from my desk in his hand). It suddenly dawned on me what had occurred while i was pondering why my lady's face had a smear of green all over it!!

Anywho, so i took this as a sign that i needed to redo some things and so i pressed on :) I didn't do anything on the water or the front right foliage still have to work on that .. same with the girl i think her hair is too booffy (if that is a word) even though i already made it smaller .. i will have to do that further .. she is too wet to do much with atm. I also have to put the bridge in etc... but apart from that, but i like the way that its progressing still have work to do all over tho :)

I also have apologies as you may have noticed i haven't done weekly smudge or illustration Friday this week. To be honest i did do IF but i am just not posting it. I actually worked on it for a while ... but it just didn't warrant a post so i am not going there. As for my weekly smudge i wrote half a post it was on a book i am reading through but seeing as i am yet to get to the key part of the book i thought i would wait to see how i go with that before posting.
So i haven't been slack i promise!!


Rose Welty said...

Heehee Belinda...I'm impressed that it was recoverable after the fairies...wouldn't have been so in my house! It is really looking good. Each bit gets better...can't wait to see it done :D

Serena said...

Thank heavens the 'fairy' visit wasn't too much of a disaster. Your painting just keeps getting better and better each time I see it.

We'll let you off the hook as far as the Weekly Smudge and IF goes. After all, you've also had to deal with a mischievious fairy this week. ;)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

hehehe lol thanks Rose and Serena.

Yes i wouldn't recommend you invite the fairies to come to your place its one of those visits you would rather not have to have.


Daniel Sanger said...

I really love it Belinda - it really pops now. I'm yet to have painting fairies of my own, though am learning a whole lot from you in terms of what they can get up to:) hehe

great work,