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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

weekly smudge 18-7-07

weekly smudge! - things that have interested me during the week
This week i have had a few things interest me, alot of them to do with webdesign and programming which i wont go into too much here, but one thing i came accross in my travels is a free wiki!!!
Now i like to think that i am pretty much up to date with whats going on in the land of the web but i only recently found out what a wiki was about a month ago when a client said they wanted one!

So for those of you who dont know a wiki is a webpage/site that multiple people can edit. The most famous one is Wikipedia - the free encylopedia which i now use all the time.
A wiki has hundreads of uses, you can use a wiki to keep lists or photos with just your immediate family or with a circle of friends you can use it to arrange meetings or get together or just updates on whats happening in your busy lives. A bit like a blog but one that all your friends can update :).
I created a wiki and was surprised by the functionality and how easy it was to use. So if your interested in having your own wiki i can reccommed this free one. Check it out


Stepping out of your comfort zone
These past few weeks / months you may have noticed i have been struggling abit, just with finding out where my art/life is going and being stuck in a bit of a rut. I have realised that
a good way to get out of this is to discover new things, getting out and about and finding new ways of doing your regular things. So consciously and subconsciously i have been doing this not only in art but in all areas of my life.

Some of the things i have been doing are: Shopping at different shops, making an effort to seek out friends, going to artshows (when previously i would have found some reason not to go), trying new recipes, moving the house around, trying out new mediums, trying new supports & subjects, doing new fun things with the kids, learning new design and programming techniques and wait for it... Allowing myself to at the beginning of each week ... use a brand new spanking dishcloth and throwing the other one in the bin ... yes not reusing it !!! Why .. i deserve it !! (its a pack of 20 for a $1- i can afford to get a new one each week i don't have a dishwasher it makes me feel cleaner and better !!!!)

All this has helped to have a renewed energy of late which has translated into my art so here are a few things in particular i have done with stepping out of my comfort zone.

Browsing with Firefox - ok this is kinda a no brainer but i have realised as i get older i am becoming a creature of habit .. and past years of trying to design for multiple browser versions made me skeptical and resistant to new browsers . Of late i have had more and more people talking about Firefox .. so i decided to give it a whirl... So the verdict - i really like it and am going to stick with it... of the main reason is that i don't have to type in my username and password each time i want to post to my or someone else's blog ..Its got other features too if you up for a change give it a whirl.

New colour palettes

Another thing i realised do particularly when i paint is stay close to my usual colour palette which hasn't really changed over the years - of lots of bright colours. Recently i have also been looking at many artists' websites and different styles of work .... i realised that I find i often like a particular set of similar earthy type colours and artist styles ..... two inparticular i have looked at are:
Cathy Nichols -
Valaine- Silent Dreamer's Art Blog -

Obviously each are their own individual styles but i noticed i tend to like that type of thing :) So i decided i wanted to use those types of colours ... so i have started a few little oils with these colours using these colour palettes as an inspiration and its been great it feels really fresh and new !!!


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, thanks for the weekly review - I particularly like the programming reviews, very useful! Good job on the trying new stuff everywhere in your life - that really does help. Even if there are things that you don't change, you at least know that you have the best fit for you in that area. When can we see the earthy oils?

Kasie Sallee said...

Way to go Belinda! It sounds like you are really on a roll.
I love your weekly smudge idea and your logo for it. Very neat.