Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Messiness Achieved! Pears Completed

Well my goal to get more messy in my paintings has finally for one piece been achieved. It's not quite to the exact standard i had hoped but i really need to call this one done and move on (i was overworking things AGAIN). So anyway i kept it messy despite myself trying to keep it neat and finished this one.

I will get a better pic for you in the morning but i thought i would also show you my lastest investment this box easel. I have been eyeing them for a while and been meaning to pick one up but always hesistated. Today on my visit to the artshop they had a sale and i wasn't in the mood to resist one little bit!

I also picked up a projector to project drawings / photos onto larger canvases & paper WoooT ! i have also been eyeing these for ages they usually retail for about $230-but today price was right $90- in a stocktake sale so got this also ...i guess i better get on with doing more work and maybe selling something to pay for all this !!!

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