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Thursday, July 12, 2007

weekly smudge 12-7-07

Well as you may or maynot know I am a regular reader of Katherine Tyrell's - Making a Mark website recently she has introduced a new segment where she posts everyweek what has made a mark for the week. Read her last weekly post here.

I have really enjoyed reading her posts ............and i think its a great idea so have decided to adopt the concept (urgh copy - sorry Katherine) and endeavour to provide a weekly tidbit of interest to my blog readers each week. I wont keep it as detailed as Katherine's but more like just a couple of links that have kept me interested during the week - cause lets face it i do ALOT of surfing the web and then at least i can tell myself that my browsing isnt a time waster, i am doing it all for you guys!

weekly smudge! - things that have interested me during the week

This week has been a busy week for webdesign around here all of a sudden i have had an influx of work and busy both programming and designing, this coupled with redeveloping my website has prompted me to train myself again as to what's new in the world of code and programming (having two kids kinda puts you out of the loop).

So i started looking through the new ways to code websites and realised that its changed a bit in the past few years but not that much. And while i have had "programmers" not like the way i code..because its not using all the latest coding tricks.. as i designer it gets the design and job done (why spend and hour trying to get graphics to align properly a certain way ... when you can do it another way in 5mins with a few extra code lines, they say its about how the browser reads the code etc. etc. but really for the kind of sites I am doing its not really going to matter too much HOW much difference is it really going to make – we all mostly have broadband these days don’t we?)

So this week alot of time has been spent updating my knowledge about code and programming and Flash and all that stuff most artists really don't want to know too much about. Recently I was thinking marketing my design / programming services to other artists for their websites (my new one is pretty easy to use and perfect for artists) but i discovered there are already a few people doing that.

Free Artist Websites

So here are some interesting links for free websites for artists if your so inclinded. and Hey if you need a website i would much rather you asked me --but here is some points of reference for you.

Women in Art

Another interesting link I discovered was this one from - Drawn which is a morphing video of Women in Art. Its REALLY interesting to see how over history women in art have changed and across cultures Take a look:

Ann Kullberg’s Show

This week I was very happy to be included in the Ann Kullberg’s 8th Annual Member Show you can see all of the entries at And yes they are all coloured pencil if you aren’t CP artist.

So that sums up this week pretty much I could ramble on forever more coming to you next week !

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Katherine said...

Teeheehee - what's that people say about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery?

I'll have to keep an eye on this and if you've got good stuff I haven't used already then you'll be a candidate for being blogged in the weekly round-up.

Seriously, if more of us did sharing like this we might get to spend more time on our art! (she says hopefully....)