Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tree Study

Today i worked on a tree study. I have been studying these types of trees of late. The urge took me so i did this quickie... The support was a bit of board and the media is mixed between watercolour and coloured pencil so it wasnt the best support but i just wasnt in the mood for paper for some reason .. i was really rough with it pushing really hard on the board it was good ..

As i mentioned i am thinking of doing some a tree series, they wont just be plain trees tho, i was up in the bush the other day taking some good reference shots i am not sure i can pull off what i have in my head so you will be seeing lots of tree studies from me.

I also did these watercolours the other day .. they are on some greeting cards made from watercolour card stock (pre bought) i am stuck what to put in the middle of them obviously something is to go there ... just havent decided yet but i like the colours so i thought i would post them.

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Rose Welty said...


I really like the varying atmospheres of your trees. This one seems so mysterious. They just keep getting better and better!