Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Twisty Tree

So here is another tree I think i actually liked my previous tree sketch better. But i have decided i need to DO rather than agonise too much about how things will turn out .. and wasting materials. this one still is a little cutie. i really would like to place a little girl / lady with her back to you down underneath the tree.. it needs something there i might see if i can manage that not confident in being able to draw it that's all :)

I cant take all the credit for this one i was inspired by this the Silent Dreamers blog i am not sure how i came across it but i just love all of the colours and really liked her similar drawing (hers is much better :) but i so enjoy these watercolour / pen and ink drawings :) i of course couldn't stop myself and put cp onto of mine which i probably shouldn't have done .. but oh well :)

I also started some little oils yesterday now i am waiting for them to dry *sigh* .. not sure i will have to patience to carry on with them, and hubby wasn't happy i was stinking out the room with "petrol smells that were giving me a headache" so hmmm lets just see how that one goes.


Kasie Sallee said...

I love this Belinda! I really do.
I meant to comment on your post the other day on being on a crossroads. I totally understand that. I just want to encourage you to keep going because you have so much talent!

Rose Welty said...

Belinda, you said you liked the other tree better - so I compared them. (I like them both.) The first one has more twists at the bottom. This one is more twisty at the top - beautifully done I might add. So maybe you should try a third that is twisty all over? I really like this one as is, but I definitely think you should add the little woman or girl that you are thinking of - nothing ventured, nothing gained. Try it first on another piece of paper. This is just my long-winded way of saying, the trees may definitely be your thing! They're lovely.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Kasie and Rose, its so good to have the encouragement. I might just do that Rose i do say i was driving today and saw more trees and seeing all sorts of things within them i could be drawing :)whoops that was a bit of my secret shhh lol :)

Valaine said...

The "twist" challenge for Illustration Friday was pretty challenging for me. I didn't think I'd be able to create an illustration for it that week. I really enjoyed that challenge and was very pleased with the end - resulting in my twisting tree. I'm thrilled you felt inspired by it! When I saw this drawing I thought "hmm, that tree looks familiar".