Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, March 16, 2007

YouTube is cool !

I have recently been looking in to doing some drawing some sketching classes as i need some furher techniques to expand myself.

Being able to get the time to go away and do them is one of the major hurdles i have but i have recently discovered a few various online class options which suit me grandly. In my looking around i found this series on YouTube - Drawing the Human Figure from your Mind - which is a series of videos that can be bought as dvd's on drawing the human figure. I have often started to read these types of books and i get confused and find it hard to work out what is going on. Having it shown to you in video is FANTASTIC if you are like me and always have trouble drawing faces and heads. Its based for people who would use this information for character development and turning them into 3D models. But he also goes into mastering the techniques and getting the basics in. I have just spent the whole morning having a look .. and i think oh i will just look at one more then i am done .. and cant stop.

Now all i gotta do is practice. Did i mention at the beginning of the year that i like to read and research things and my problem is doing?? HAHAHA well as you can see its a habit i find very hard to break !

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