Belinda Lindhardt

Sunday, March 18, 2007

oooh lovely tomatoes

5X7" (18X13cm) "ooooh lovely tomatoes" on grey colourfix with coloured pencil

This isnt the best pic but here are my tomatoes :) I struggled a bit with them actually i think i am changing my style or my seeing or something as i seem to be fighting with alot of my pieces. I decided when i got to just about done that they werent red enough so i erased (gotta love that electric eraser!!!) and started again ... but i had used solvent on some parts of the paper and while it all erased back to virtually nothing .. it just wouldnt take the same amount of abuse.
I think also it was the colourfix that did it. on the stonehenge i think it would have held....i am really hankering to try out the pastelboard that many other CP artists are using right now .. but i have a bit of a stock supply in the cupboard i am forcing myself to stick with this for a little bit now :)

Anywho .. note to self - when working with whites and bright colours on dark papers remember to underpaint the bright areas as well as the shadows!!!! this was my mistake.

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Regula Scheifele said...

Oooohhh Belinda... these tomatoes are really beautiful! You did a perfect job with them, bravo!
They look so life-like and still have a very painterly feeling to it...
I have some sheets of colourfix ready to use but somehow didn't get around to really start something... definitely have to try it....