Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, March 08, 2007

oooh lovely tomatoes WIP

Taking a break from my painting, my pencils were calling me and i had to answer.

You might recognise these, from a sketch from the other day. I felt with my painting my head feels a bit crowded and i needed to do some with a less complicated composition.

This one is a 5X7" on grey colourfix with a complementary underpainting. I haven't done one of those for a while and the shadows on these beauties just called for it.

I acutally really enjoy the technique for pieces like this where there is clear direction of where i am going. I have failed doing it on recent pictures as it doesnt seem to work for me with lighter colours. But these reds were just asking for it. (maybe its a confidence thing).

Anywho Here are the first two wip pics :)


Daniel Sanger said...

looks great Belinda:) Very interesting to see the process you go through:)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

thanks Daniel. Glad you stopped by :)