Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, March 05, 2007

Vase Update & Sketches

i have been back visiting my vase painting.. its been good to have a bit of a break. I have to admit i was having a bit of a creative block last week and it just felt like everything i was doing just wasnt working. So i have been doing just little sketches and studies gradually and things seem to be on the rise. To be honest i think i was putting pressure on myself to "get it right" and the sketches have just let me loosen up. I have also done some more of my kids mirrors but will show you that in another post.
So here is a little colour study of the vase i did .. i will be doing a few more of these over the next few days before i work on the vase. Still have a bit more on the background of the overall painting to do before i get too much into the vase.

Here are some other little sketches i have also done, i feel my sketching is improving a little my eyes are working a bit better :) My oldest son Max doesnt like me sketching anything other than himself, he wasnt too impressed with me sketching these tomatoes so i had to do a little one of him too... i am sure i could find worst subjects to sketch ;) The only problem with sketching Max is that he sits still less time than you would think a 3 yearold would sit for!!!

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