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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Working Update - Small Fields

Things have been busy around here, we have had work and family staying and Christmas preparations and events etc all sorts of things going on. I keep trying to hide away and hope that Christmas passes us by but i know thats not going to happen. I am excited about it all , but we just have so much stuff going on its hard to concentrate on something that is still a few weeks away when i have so much to do now. Oh well never mind i guess what ever happens happens i am going to try to have Christmas with at less stress and worry as possible and just try to have simple things without all the concern and worry. The boys are the most important thing and as long as they get to open a present or two and have their parents around them i think that is all that really matters.

On the art side i have lots of business to take care of, i have these fields paintings (the above is just a miniature small one) plus my tree painting, plus a portrait plus i have some promotional things going on which i am excited about but i wont post about those until its more solid and i actually do the work for it. Slot all of this in with other design work and Christmas an somedays it feels like a bit much.

I have noted of late i spend alot of my time playing catchup just to keep up with all the things i have to do, and my list keeps growing and growing once one thing is done another has taken its place so i feel like i never achieve anything. I have also noted that as i have so many things going on i rarely give myself the fun time with the family and the boys and that is what life is all about it cant be all work and chores (tho it often is with young children). So i have decided next year my weeks are going to be split up so that i ensure that i have a few fun activities and specials times for them during the week which are just as if not more important than all the other stuff. I am also going to do that for the family as well so that we have some special fun times where we don't have chores or work to do and just enjoy life a bit more. Anyway like i said we will get there in the end its just something i have been thinking of lately i really have to pay more attention to.

On Friday i had the chance to have a quick swing by visit of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney. I got to have a brief look at the current exhibition there which is of the artist Shahzia Skiander. The work i did see was amazing. I cant see any of the smaller pieces which i saw on any websites but i saw some fabulous miniature works and some works with such detail i could have been there for hours (i only got there close to closing time). Anyway if your a sydney sider i definately reccommend popping in there for a visit its well worth it :)

Oh and just so you know i wrecked my bubble pic :( i couldnt get the skin tones smooth and bright enough for my liking so as a consequence i have to start again. I tried a few experiments on pastelboard but i think that for this type of work i really want it all to be smooth. So i am going to try it again with the smoothest surface i know, Drafting film !! Let see how i go :) the only problem will be that then i have to put a background on it which i was trying to avoid .... hmmmmmm

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