Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bubbles Take 2

"Bubbles" WIP - By Belinda Lindhardt CP on drafting film A3 42X29.7cm

So here i am again,

I think i mentioned in a previous post that my bubbles pic had hit the trash can :)
The main reason for this was the skin texture i just couldn't get a smooth clean feel to it i think the main reason for that was the black stonehenge, i think if i didn't have to have as many layers to get the colour i wanted it would have been right. (so next time try a different coloured paper)
Anyway, so here i go again, and here is my second attempt of this one this time on drafting film. Its going much better so far i haven't done any colour on the back so once i do that i think i will get it really to pop... i just want to cover all of the area first before i start on that :) Again i dont think i will do the background but on the i am not confident on how it will look if i leave it. I have an idea for covering most of the area, i will just have to see how that pans out.

Anyway, this pic has a deadline so as you can see i am churning through it and i have to finish this it in the next few weeks - why well i would tell you but its top secret ! :)

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Valerie Jones said...

It's looking great, Belinda! Sorry you had to trash the other one....I thought it looked great too.