Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, October 23, 2006

Here is another update :)

I have been erasing and adding and finding all sorts of issues, and i am getting to the stage which i often do with large pieces where i felt i need to move on, so i am trying to get this one done :)

I had originally thought that the brown horse would be easier than the white horse to do but the opposite has proven to be true. I found that i had gotten many of the values and highlights completely wrong in my underpainting and i was very heavy handed which meant that alot of my underpainting was working against me :( I erased tho many areas and that seemed to help. In the future if i use white in my underpainting for highlights and if i erase more i think that will make a bit of difference. Also i think i included too many lines in my initial copying so if i draw things in more as i go i feel i work better this way. I also need to sort my colour palette better, because i am stopping and starting so many times i tend to loose track and concentrate on small areas which has always been my problem. So WORK the WHOLE area again i have to keep remembering.

So i still have a fair bit to do on the front of the white horse and i need to play with the background more but we are making progress, a few things i wont be able to fix until i do a spray as the paper has just taken too much, but using the blender and felt for blending has been great.

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