Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, October 14, 2006

More Horses

Ok i am over the ugly stage and onto the polishing stage ... more or less .. yay !!! So i have started with the grey horse and i am happy with the way the colours are coming out. I was told by Dan today that i am not allowed to start anymore paintings until i finish some of the projects i have going ! which is fair enough really .. i do have a few things going atm i still never finished my latest mirrors... Nevertheless, i was shopping for fruit and vegies and spotted some of these wonderful artichokes which would look great, so i am now inspired to do some of those maybe as a mixed media or as one of the smaller pieces i normally do. So took a few rough ref pictures that might be something we see sometime soon :)

Here is the lastest update, i have been told that the front leg on the grey horse needs some adjusting as well as the front shadow on the blue horse .... so i need to revisit these as something was bothering me about these two areas also :) i am at the stage now where i need to get cracking on this one or i will put it aside and never get back to it.

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