Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, October 16, 2006

Some Colour!

Ok i have added some colour to the blue horse and getting in the final colours on the grey horse. I found that i really didnt roadmap the blue horse very well in terms of values and shadows etc with my underpainting i found i got lots of bits wrong. I also found that i went perhaps a little too dark on the colour, but its working out ok so its not too bad. I seem to be able to correct most things which is fine next time i think i would go for more of a lighter aqua blue for the midtones as the horse is quite organgey and use a lighter touch. i think also i do better to do very basic contour lines in my road map and then get them in better in the underpainting, i think i relied too much on the tracing without "seeing" it. But all in all i am happy with the way its coming out.

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