Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, October 13, 2006

Watercolour Flowers

This is one i did a few years ago as a spare of the moment thing one weekend which i ended up finishing and giving to Theresa as a mothers day pressie, its now hanging in willowgate hall (hence the scewed photo). Apparently its a pic that all the guests always comment on and love and i keep being told that more of these would sell. I think its definately something that i think people would tend to put on their walls.
So, i have been thinking for a while that i might do a few of these, its alot looser than my usual cp work and wont take as long so it might be good for some light inbetween work :) It does include some cpencils but the base is made up of watercolour and i think i had some guache in there as well.
I feel like the horses are tying me down a bit atm as its so detailed and large so i might do a few of these to get into the groove again.

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