Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In some weird funk

Sorry for not post this past week, i am in some weird funk, i cant seem to get going on my art. I have a really strong urge to do a portrait and a coloured pencil piece at that but cant seem to find the right subject or story. I havent been doing my sketching, i just cant seem to quieten my mind or sit still long enough to do it.

I have been absolutely FLAT out this month with my sons 5th birthday, preparations seemed to be lasting for weeks... I have also been helping my mum move after selling her house after 33 years (so yes kinda a big deal). I also FINALLY recieved my new computer which means that i can now work on things without it suddenly shutting down on me at random moments but that has also meant i am busy installing software and sorting out files etc etc taking up my time.

Something I have learnt to deal with about myself recently is that i seem to need to "build myself up" to large social events as well as major events that occur in my life. When there are big things going on they seem to absorb all of my energy, Really! by the end of the day i have no strength left and just roll into bed no space left in my mind. When the events are over or a milestone is reached because i put so much energy into them i need time to just gather myself again, take stock and just quieten myself before i can start going again. This month has been one of those busy months and while i still have alot going on i seem to be just gathering my foundations again to move forward.

This evening i have been looking at my goals and while i seem to be on track for some of my plans i am behind on others but i am not beating myself up thats ok, they will just get moved onto the list for next time.

I am hoping from tomorrow things will have settled down as far as my family commitments for a bit and i can focus on getting some task done. Baby steps!


Jo Castillo said...

Whew! Sounds like a step back is well deserved. You will regroup and jump forward I am sure. Just sharing helps at least for me it does. Long distance hugs to you.

Valerie Jones said...

You sound like me these days! Only this week have I began to feel like I can think for myself again. (((HUGS)))