Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, January 10, 2009

072 - Tree Girl (Inspired)

"072 - Tree Girl" Ink and Wash on Arches, Size: A5, by Belinda Lindhardt

As part of my plans for 2009, one of the series i am going to be working on are my "Tree Girls". I really enjoy doing them, they generally arent as involved as a canvas or coloured pencil piece, i can turn them over in a relatively short time frame and i have had a really good response to them to date. I would like to be selling these at a lower price point than my other works, but i also want to develop these to produce a series, perhaps an exhibition one day or a publication at end of the year. So my goal is produce one of these every fortnight so i should have a few by the end of the year.

This one i am cheating with a bit with in terms of my goals, as i started on it last year, but i am the boss here right ? So that's ok i will let myself off on this one :)

Oh and before you start, i also do realise that this one doesn't actually have a girl in it. It's ok for me to do that too. I have an album of them on facebook here, will update my website soon so you can see them all together :)

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Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I love it Belinda! Beautiful!
You're off to an awesome start for 2009. :)