Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year

Welcome 2009!
Well, here is how I brought in the new year, fireworks at Gosford waterfront. I had a quiet night but a good one, its the first time in quite a few years that i seen the fireworks a great start to 2009.

My boys are away at the moment, so i am using the time to get organised. The last 3 days i have moved from room to room cupboard to cupboard, sorting, throwing out, cleaning and basically getting to all the things i havent been able to do but wanted to for months. I still have an ever mounting pile in the studio and office to sort out. That will be my job for tomorrow. Once i clear the clutter i am hoping that i will then be able to sit down and sort out my goals for 2009.

I am looking forward to moving onwards and upwards and starting a new chapter of my life :).
Talking about that, let me make special mention of the great photos in this post. I can't claim the credit, they are from my wonderful boyfriend Grant who is amoung other things a great photographer :) I am definately taking the time to enjoy the simple but more important things in life atm which was one of my goals for 2008.

Looking forward to a fantastic 2009, and looking forward to sharing it with you all! Get prepared everyone its going to be a good one !


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Happy New Year Belinda!!
I hope 2009 is a wonderful year for you. :)

Jo Castillo said...

Happy New Year, looks like you are on your way to a great one! I need to get on the cleaning spree.