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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Goals set and Ready to Go ! 2009 - Part 1

I will split this post into two for you, the first one being the lead up to working out where I want to go and the second being the examples and steps I took to get there which will come tomorrow..

Up until about 3 years ago, I never really set many goals. I kinda just went along assuming that things would work out for the best and I would get what I wanted out of life. After my second child I realized as I was getting older things weren’t quite happening for me the way I wanted, all these other people were doing great things and creating beautiful artworks which I knew that I could do just as well (if not better in some cases) so I decided I had enough of excuses and I was going to do something to pave my way even if it was only baby steps at a time.

Not long after first starting this blog in September 2006, I also came to the realization that I needed to make an Artplan for 2007 to give myself direction. It was a new concept to me, as I said, I never really planned much and I had a small baby plus a toddler to contend with so I didn’t go into too much depth but it was my first step to planning out where I wanted to go. Had I not taken that first step I wouldn’t be where I am today. Skip through a whole bunch of stuff from then to now, and so here I have come with a magnificent plan for 2009.

Firstly, it’s important to know, I really wrestled with everything this year, I had a lot of life changes and challenges in 2008 and in the past few months I have really been feeling like I have been struggling and failing with it all. Not matter what I did, I felt like I was always backfoot running to keep up. As I was sitting down try to think about what was happening around me it suddenly it hit me that I am already working hard, I can’t work any harder than I am already, something needed to change I was investing my time in the wrong areas or something? Not really sure to be honest but I knew that I can’t go on the way I was.

During this time I picked up a book called “The 10-Minute Life Coach” by Fiona Harrold. I figured why not, it was on one of those book stalls relatively cheap and a thought entered my mind you never know it might just be the thing that changes my life! Give it a go !

So, before I go further, I can definitely recommend Fiona’s books and website. It’s not all wishy washy and found it very logical way of thinking and what I liked best is that you can do it all yourself you are holding yourself responsibile and accountable which means of course you can change it ! You are in control. Could go on about this but look at her site and see for yourself, if your at all interested.

Not long after reading Fiona’s book I also had the opportunity to have session with business coach Joan Weir who I heard about via the Business Women Unite website. Joan's session was fantastic. I had already began to think about some of the topics we discussed about and had already started to implement a few strategies in my business. One of the things Joan and Fiona got me to recognize is that I need to action things and set tasks to achieve what I want. I am the one who has to do hard yards here and work this out for myself, alot of the work is done right here in the planning stages. There is no magic bullet, no one can do this for you. You can't skip a step, What works for others doesn’t necessarily work for me and I needed to set time for myself to work out what I want to do and where I want to go. And now was the time to do that.

One of the things both ladies talk about is having a vision. Basically everything else revolves around that, I needed to sort mine out and so I asked myself, What Do I want to Do ? Where do I want to be?'

The answer didn’t come straight away, in fact I was blank, I didn’t know, I sat on this for a while, took my time, wrote little things down as they came to mind (more about that tomorrow). The result was that I worked out that:
I am already doing what I want! I want to be able to work from home with my family around me. I like having a home business, I don’t want someone else to raise my children, I enjoy preparing meals and all that comes with it. I want to be able to have art regularly in my life. So the issue is not what it’s that I need to find a way which makes it work for me. Financially, emotionally, physically and most importantly needs to help me to raise and support my family.


Towards the end of 2008, I came up with a system of organizing work, family - life. I trialed having diaries, online tasks etc etc none of it worked for me. I came up with a system of printing out daily calendars from outlook and sticking them organized in “DAYs” on my fridge via Velcro and bulldog clips. It allows me to allocate tasks to a day rather than a week or month. I can add to it regularly I don’t have to find it, I can be reminded of regularly. I can add shopping lists etc to it as well as work and art tasks, drs appointments whatever I want. I can go on about it but this post is already long enough, so lets just say it works for me :) .

I had experimented last year with the fact that if its not on my “day” then I just don’t get to it. One big list is too overwhelming, if I write things down and allocate them to do on a day they generally get done, if not I re-write them on the next day until they do. So basically what I needed to do was to work out what tasks and goals I have for the year and allocate them to a day, month. That way they will get done. So I had my actions and ways of being accountable to getting things done, I just needed to work out what exactly I needed doing, removing anything that didn’t involve moving me towards my goal and helping me with my vision. That is how I will get to what I want.

Tomorrow I will post the actual steps I took work out my goals. While I will include some of my personal and art goals but it will talk more about my process rather than the goals themselves. Hope it keeps you interested, until tomorrow…


Fiona Harrold -

Joan Weir Business and Personal Coaching -
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Rose Welty said...

Looking forward to tomorrow Belinda. Sounds like you've worked out some important things. Knowing what works for you is key - especially with organization.

Valerie Jones said...

You have done a lot of work and I'm proud of you. I have been struggling lately with what to do with my art career. I'm looking forward to reading your next post.

Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, you are doing great. You are getting what is important to you and organizing well. Thanks for the inspiration, I'm waiting for tomorrow!

By the way, my word verification was gradma, pretty close to grandma. :)