Belinda Lindhardt

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Eggs with Petal and some Reflection WIP

Eggs with Petal - by Belinda Lindhardt, Acrylic on Gallery wrapped canvas, 31X31cm

Here is the second piece in my eggs series, you may remember my first one in this post.

As i mentioned in my previous post this series started with a commission and just kinda evolved. I have one final piece to do which i have already started, the final piece will only contain 3 eggs as opposed to the 4 and i am going to offer the client their choice of whichever ones they would like. The above piece is different from the other ones i will have done, this one was kind of an experiment in that it is in acrylic rather than in oils. I wanted to try achieving a similar effect with my new interactive acrylics as opposed to the oils and see what i came up with.

During the process whilst it was slightly quicker in terms of drying times between layers than with the oils, i found i did struggle slightly with getting the paint to behave the way i wanted and probably spent just as much if not more time on the piece. While the interactive acrylics are good, they do often come out as a thin wash much like watercolours so i found that i had to adjust the way i worked to achieve the smooth round effects that i was after without seeing everything underneath and I found I was reworking areas often. In saying that though i used this to its advantage in other areas and it was really great to apply thin washes over areas i had already covered and make them "pop". Maybe i just need to adjust the way i work more when using these acrylics.

"Reflection" WIP by Belinda Lindhardt, Oils on gallery wrapped canvas - 25.5 X 25.5cm

This painting is called "Reflection" its still a WIP and i am not entirely sure where its going i have no reference for this one.. its all just in my head and one of those ones i couldn't get out until i painted it. I wanted really flowing wild hair, i am not sure i will get to that, and i really don't know what to do with the face, so its by no means finished and posting lets me see bits i need to change :)
It's been fun though, I like doing ones like this with no particular structure and for it just to grow, it's a bit like my "contemplation" i did last year. i do wish i could settle on my "style" though i seem to be changing all the time, i did notice this is a bit like my monet one down in the corner where i am doing the foliage, but the sky is more smooth like my other recent pieces maybe my style is going to be a combination of all these things :)


Daniel Sanger said...

you're a good egg;) Great painting Belinda - It's like I could reach out and grab one.. The Petal is such a nice touch - like the garnish on the painting.. love it!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

heheh thanks Daniel :)

Ann said...

Your egg series is coming along so nicely! Such elegant eggs! I like your 'reflection' piece too. I worry about style also, but try not to :)

Serena said...

Beautiful work, Belinda!