Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, October 26, 2007


"Contemplation" - Oil on Gallerywrapped canvas by Belinda Lindhardt

I am not really sure why but i just seemed to get the feeling that this girl was contemplating something or longing for something.

I am not entirely sure this one is "finished" by i think it might be done for the time being :)

I would be interested to hear everyone's feedback on this style ? Do you like it ? Or do you feel the realism pieces have more commercial value? I feel like these ones seem to have alot of emotion and allows the view to have their own interpretation in comparison to the realism pieces. I actually enjoy doing both. These ones flow much faster tho as they come from within i am not checking a reference :)


Daniel Sanger said...

I would call it finished - you don't want to over work it. It looks fantastic - the figure makes it. One of the best yet:)

Rose Welty said...


I really like this one. I like this style with the figure. "Storm" is a little too vague for me, but that's just me. This one has a nice balance of being able to be lots of things to lots of people, but you've pointed them in a direction. I also like the sky and ground colors. I'm not sure about the black for the figure, but it may appear darker than in RL.

You continually impress me Belinda, you are just full of ideas and you have the skill to carry them out! Well done.

Ella said...

Your work in general is really beautiful. I personally like your not so realistic paintings such as this one immensely. Ultimately I think it will be a question for you, where you want to go with your art. If you like different styles, then why not paint in different styles. Then it also depends whether you are painting for yourself or for others/ for selling. Maybe there is a huge difference for yourself, maybe not.

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Ella,
I must say i am REALLY enjoying the not so realistic paintings.. but i think they tell more of a story than my other realistic ones. I think that is just a progression i have come to. I dont have a preference of one over the other i feel like the subject or my mood calls for it :) I am yet to find my feet in my direction .. i do like the different styles .. i can do that cant i ? :)