Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Tree Girl

"Tree Girl" - By Belinda Lindhardt, watercolour and ink , A5

Here is one i have been working on the past couple of days. I have recently been looking at some oldmasters pen and ink illustrations and Katherine wrote a review a couple of weeks ago about a book where they discussed pens and nibs etc.

So this one was done old school way with ink and nibs :) it was good fun the original isnt quite as yellow as this but i liked it for my blog :)

I tell you i was frustrated dipping my pen every 3 strokes into the ink but it forced me not to rush it :) makes you appreciate how they did it in the good old days :)


Wendi. S. said...

how cool is this? What is the story behind tree girl? Love the detail on the tree, I bet you had fun drawing this one.

Rose Welty said...

A while back, a did a similar was fun, but showed me just how adept those guys were with the nibs...and just how hard I would have to work to get similar dexterity! Yours looks great though, you can't tell it was done with ink and nibs!

Serena said...

Great drawing! Our tools of art nowadays are certainly much more convenient but I think it would be fun to try this method.