Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, October 08, 2007

Treez 01

WIP - "treez01" oils on canvas by Belinda Lindhardt

Here is one i have had in hiding i have actually been working bits and pieces with it along with my monet. I actually had a pic to post of it the other day but it was still wet and the photo just looked odd.

Its not finished yet and the colours still aren't right yet but you get the idea. Its not so blue in RL. I am really thinking of putting a figure walking in the middle there.. i have a feeling i will mess it up if i do that i have a tenancy to over work things ... i was also tempted to put a few red / orange leaves in the trees sporadically i think that will really spruce it up ... anywho any comments / suggestions let me know.

I likely wont be around much this week i have a bunch of stuff to deal with so will try and get that out the way. :)


Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, I like this very much as is. The ideas you mention with a figure or color sound good. It would change the mood some, especially the color. Looks like it would go from mysterious to exciting.


Rose Welty said...

This is very nice Belinda. I don't think a figure would overdo it, and I think the leaves might really make it sing. Have you noticed that you can do trees in any medium? :-)

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Jo and Rose,

I hadnt really "noted" that Rose but i do find the trees come easily for me. The trees kind of evolve as the picture progresses which is fun ... :)

Serena said...

I really love the mood you've created with this one, Belinda! I think a silhouette figure would look great but, personally, I think orange leaves scattered throughout the trees could be a a little distracting and also alter the current mood of the painting? I guess it depends on what your vision for the final painting is.