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Friday, March 07, 2008


Well i am still no further with my garage sale, i have just been run off my feet for days. Yesterday i was busying cutting matts and framing for the exhibition. I really keep getting surprised just how long this part of the process takes, and i was only doing 2 pieces! The pieces really look great framed :) I tried to take a couple of pics of them but they really didn't come out very good with the glass reflecting :( So if i get any good ones i will post them.

I am not going to go into the debate thats going on in the CP world atm about the new rules to the CPSA and UKCPS. I had my say at ST, tbh i think its just abit of a wording change thats needed on the rules and they need to be defined a bit better, i am sure they will sort it all out.

Here is a sketch that i got to last night. Not really sure at all what it is i was more or less doodling, i don't often doodle in CP but i really enjoyed this. I recently was enjoying Paula Pertile's work on her blog where she did a commission for my one of my fellow CP artists Nicole Caulfield. Paula's work is just fabulous i have known of her for a while but only recently found her blog. Anyway, she was using Walnut brown in her piece for Nicole and i just seem to be loving browns and limited palette pieces atm so thought i would give it a go, sketching in brown.
Did i mention that i got new glasses ? Well i did, i am hoping to take a good photo for my blog etc (i really don't like the photo i have atm but for lack of getting another one i have left it). So i guess here you can see my glasses a bit anyway :)

So, did you see how i procrastinated during this post ? Thats why i havent done anything on the garage sale. If i am going to do it I better get a wriggle on. SIGH... i would much rather paint.

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Paula Pertile said...

I love your Walnut Brown doodle Belinda! And thanks for the nice "mention".
I understand the procrastinating about the garage sale. I've done a few in my day...ugh! It took moving to get me to finally really do it, and then it was a 3 day sale!