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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Peninsula International Women's Day Art Exhibition and Misc Stuff

Discovering Love - Acrylic on Colourfix Primed Board by Belinda Lindhardt

This weekend is the Peninsula International Women's Day Art Exhibition in my local town of Woy Woy.
The suggested theme for the exhibition is "Every Picture tells a Story" so with that theme in mind i have decided to enter two pieces one being the Discovering love artwork above and the other will be my Maxy's Bubbles.

For those in the local area the exhibition is at the Woy Woy Campus, Edward Street Woy Woy on 8/9 March. 10am-5pm on Saturday and 10am to 4pm on Sunday.

Sunday is also my birthday, another year older actually i am enjoying getting older this year, in some ways there is a bit of sorrow for my younger years passing by but at the same time there is also a sense of accomplishment and happiness that comes with doing what you want in life or at least discovering that this is your one shot and you have to go for it.
Thats not to say that its all joy and happiness quite the opposite atm in fact i am quite stressed ATM, I have alot of stuff going and on ontop of this i am planning to have a garage sale on saturday, which i am not at all organised for. In saying that though i feel like after a tough year i am working to plans and goals and i am slowly getting to things which need doing rather than sitting back and watching things go by. I am also planning to get away for a couple of days next week and just take a bit of time for myself so that will be a belated bday present to myself hopefully i can get to that.

Something else that i am excited about today is, one of my all time favourite CP artists Arlene Steinberg has just released her new book Masterful Colour.
I have been waiting for this one for a while, I had it on preorder and was thrilled when Arlene emailed me to say that it was ready to purchase.
Arlene is the queen of using complimentary colours in her artwork, her work is one of the first coloured pencil pieces i have ever seen and I can attribute much of my learning to Arlene's tutorials and guidance on forums etc. The knowledge i have learned from her carries on into my paintings and even into my design work to some extent just knowing more about colour and how colours interact etc they are invaluable lessons to learn for any artist.

Arlene was kind enough to supply me a synopsis of what she includes in the book here it is:

Chapter 1: The basics like in any book of course, but also how to shoot a still life (or anything), and working with photos
Chapter 3: Color and Value including color wheels, value scales, color influencing other color, chiaroscuro, underpainting and using complements.
Chapter 4: Simple drawings: one in reds, one in blues, one in yellows and purples and one in pinks and salmons
Chapter 5: Richer Whites, Grays and Blacks as well as some things that the folks on ST asked for
Chapter 6: Textures and Patterns: Including busy patterns, mosaic, fuzz, damask, hairy parts, mottled surfaces, marble
Chapter 7: Reflections including glass and metals, colored glass, cut crystal
Chapter 8: I take the reader through the full process of getting ideas, setting up a still life and finally painting it.
I include outline drawings to follow along.

Sounds great doesnt it! I cant wait to get my copy in the mail.
You can buy Arlene's book from Arlene's website here:


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, hope you do well in the show. Happy Birthday! (a fellow March birthday ;-)

I don't know Arlene at all but the other night I was looking for a book on CPs and color and found the links to her forthcoming book. I've been checking everyday to see when it would be available. Looks like a great book, can't wait to get one.

I know you are stressed, but you are really accomplishing alot Belinda! Good work!

Valerie Jones said...

I can't wait for this book to arrive! I pre-ordered it too and she sent an email today saying she should receive them the end of March. She'll send them to us soon after. YAY!

I agree with have accomplished a LOT this year already. No wonder you are stressed. I'm proud of you though!

Good luck on the garage sale and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Guys :)

Daniel Sanger said...

well done - great work:)

Robeccer McLean said...

Looks fantastic! you are very talented:)