Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Three Pears

Looking over some of my previous work (particularly the yellow flower) i remembered how i used to work and how i enjoyed "getting dirty" with pastels but i so enjoy the detail with CP so i decided to do a pastel underpainting and have a bit more "fun" with my next piece.

So here is the Three Pears, its still a WIP, i really enjoyed this so far process, i sprayed fixative in between the pastel and the CP and it worked a treat :) I feel like it flowed really easily i didnt trace this one it was drawn from a ref photo. I think this process worked really well as i was able to work fast with the pastels and was able to get all of the elements in quickly in one sitting i think the usual CP underpainting takes too long for me as i am constantly getting interrupted i could do the underpainting and beginings of pencil work in approx an hour.

Appologies if this post sounds a bit confusing i have had two teeth out this week plus now i have an earache and a cold .. so the old head is a bit cluttered.


winnierose said...

Hi belinda. Winnierose from the art forum. Just wanted to say, nice work and I so love your mirrors !!!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks Winnie and thanks so much for stopping by :)