Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Max in a bucket

Recently have been so inspired by Tommy Hunts portraits amoung many other CP artists. But Tommy has such a wonderful and unique style that always seems to capture something about the person with the painting. So not comparing myself to him but i thought it would be fun to give one a go. I really wanted to open up a bit with this one and be a bit looser and freer with my strokes as well as my burnishing. Turns out i dont think i am supposed to be one of those artists and i cant help myself but to smooth out every single colour
and stroke. The funny thing is i can do it in painting i just cant do
it in CP.

Anywho, here is the beginings of Max in a bucket. I always loved this photo, we were swimming in the pool but he decided that the water was too cold and that the water in the bucket which had been sitting in the sun all day was much better so in he went. I am not sure i can do it justice but i will give it a go :)

The colours arent quite right here its alot bluer than it is in RL. I think i need to add some more peachy type colours on the light side of his face. As this are all light colours i am actually really struggling with it. There are so many colours in the shadows as well i am finding it difficult.

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