Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, March 23, 2009

Shells by the beach

"Shells by the beach" - By Belinda Lindhardt, Pen

During the holiday / christmas period the boys and I spent a bit of time at the beach and collected quite a few shells :) They have been sitting in a bucket and I have looked at them from time to time knowing there was inspiration there. So many wonderful colours and shapes and textures, also an nice happy feeling that comes from going to the beach and summer.

On the weekend, i was setting some shells up for a still life coloured pencil piece and decided to start on this pen drawing while i was there :) I don't have to be as disciplined with these pen drawings as i would with a cp artwork, i can just start drawing and let it evolve.

Good fun :)

Hope you like it :)


Rose Welty said...

I really like this's amazing to me how things like this evolve in your mind...not something I could do!

Teresa Mallen said...

I really like your use of line in these illustrations. You have a definite style showing though!

Ann said...

Oh, I love this! And one of my favorite subjects too :)
Your VSD piece below is so nice too.

Lene said...

I love this - very imaginative and illustrative. Beautiful original style