Belinda Lindhardt

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Willys Bubbles Final Touches

"Willys Bubbles" by Belinda Lindhardt, Artists Coloured Pencils on Drafting Film, 420 X 280mm

This artwork is just about there, as usual i am content with it, of course there are lots of things i would like to correct but for now i think i am done, barring a few minor fixes in between sprays of fixative.

The next question for this one is framing, i have a frame already set to go to match my "Maxys Bubbles" frame, so the frame itself is ok, however, with drafting film as its see through you need to include some type of coloured backing board which shows through. The colour of the backing changes the final output of the artwork. This photograph is taken on a tan background, when i placed it on a dark background it changed the "look"alot, and on a white or light background it changes again. i am not sure which route to take yet.

For the matt, i am thinking of framing this one with my signature under the drawing and the matt cut so that it shows the edges of the pencil onto the film, but it might look a bit funny. The reasoning is so that it shows off the materials used for this artwork ie. the film and the pencil, otherwise many people overlook these qualities and think that its just paint. :)

Anyway lots to do today this framing is just one of them. I framed my Gathering Strength last night for the exhibition. Its looking fab ! more photos to come !!! stay tuned.


Jade E. Henderson said...

Hi Belinda! Your artwork is so beautiful - I'm interested in your process what with the different colours of the backing paper. Hey next time if you got a few spare seconds (I know hard with your little ones) can you take a few snaps of the same pic with the different coloured backing colours, that would be cool coz I have no idea how much it changes it. Anyway this is a beautiful drawing and best of luck with the exhibition, I'm sure you will wow the folks!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

No problem Jade, i just actually went out and bought some different colours and was going to do just that for my next post !!!