Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

'Untitled' WIP - a new painting era

Here is my latest.
Its currently "untitled"as its evolving WIP and i am not sure what exactly it will become.
My initial idea for this one came from a few places, i recently received some lovely comments on my artwork "contemplation" and there has been a request from a few sources to do something similar.

I have been thinking alot lately about my style, etc and where i want to go from here. My conclusion being that i think i need to create a series of series if that makes sense :) To elaborate, I realise I seem to have a few recurring themes that i like to create in my artwork ie. stilllifes, skys, tree girls, contemporary coloured paintings, portraits so i need to build a series on each of these themes not just one or two paintings.

Different people like different types of art, i enjoy creating each of the various themes for different reasons, and i have sold pieces from each of the various styles and themes. So for me there is no reason to stick with just theme or style of art, but to present myself as a creator of all of these various themes if you like. Maybe a particular series would appeal to a particular target market or gallery but if i were to have an exhibition currently it would all be a combination of everything and i dont have enough of a particular series to offer ie. i dont fit into any particular "boxes" which makes marketing myself hard. This is something i need to work on next year.

In light of all of that, this painting came to me in the middle of the night, or rather "the drive" came to me. I was woken by the boys as often happens these days with colds, bad dreams and wotnot afterwhich I couldn't sleep. I lay there thinking about all the outstanding things i haven't done nor have i the energy to do for the past few days / weeks / months really. I was thinking about how lately i just can't seem to fit the painting or art in and how i need to do this not only for my own sanity but also because this is my livehood and i need to keep it going.

I started to think about a post i had read earlier in the day which was from an male artist talking about how he would stay up to all hours of the night painting while his children slept. when i read that post i thought, i thought to myself "yes well i bet he isnt a single parent" and has to get up and deal with kids on his own all day because I know by the end of my day i am just completely wrecked and exhuasted.

Then something hit me! I asked myself well, here you are awake in the middle of the night 12am you have total peace and quiet, you cant sleep why not get up and do it ! I contemplated it for a bit and then did! I painting and sketched for over an hour ! It was FANTASTIC !
Ever since then i seemed to have a renewed energy. I seem to be getting on with not just art but also all the endless other tasks i have to do.
I dont think my list is any less than it was a week ago but all of a sudden it all seems a bit managable rather than hopelessness it was before.

Basically i think what has happened is i have changed the way i think. I have changed my focus and direction and reminding myself AGAIN that its work for everyone I have to do the work if i want to get the rewards, and the only REAL thing that was stopping me from doing it was myself. Its not really good enough to say that i am too tired or exhausted or it really just was another excuse. If the only way its going to happen is if i get up in the middle of the night and do it then so be it. I wont be doing that everynight, but if the opportunity presents itself i need to grab it and go with it.

So, i guess what this means is I am getting on with it. This artwork is just another one on the journey but its already woken me up to realise a bit more about what i have to do to get to where i want to be. The painting is supposed to have a girl in it but lets see what happens :)


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, the things you write here make alot of sense. You have talents in many areas, why not display them all?

And, I do really think that just trying to fit it in when you can, you'll find that you get more done than you think. It's too easy to just wait for the big chunks of time and the perfect energy level.

Wishing you both sleep filled nights and a few with less sleep and more art! :D

Valerie Jones said...

This was a very inspiring post! Thanks for sharing your renewed energy!