Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, November 14, 2008

Farmors Milk Jug WIP

While i am here busy posting today, i thought i would leave you all with something i have been working on.

I started it a couple of weeks ago and was going to post a video for you as i am trying out a new sanded support and loving it! Never got to the video (there is still time) but i will post a WIP for now, just to show you in time for the weekend.

Farmors Milk Jug 1, WIP

The story behind this is, my Grandmother (farmor - as my family is Danish) collected milk jugs throughout her lifetime. When she passed we as a family were lucky enough to inherit some of them which has in turn some of which have been passed to me.

I absolutely love blue and white stuff it must be my danish heritage as they do alot of it and having moved house recently has meant that i now have room to display my precious jugs.

So, here is but one in which i hope to be a series of Jugs.

More about the support to come, but its a sanded support so means i can frame without glass if i so wish :)


Ann said...

This is lovely - I like the play of light in this. And your paintings below are beautiful too :)

Jo Castillo said...

Very nice, Belinda. Lovely shape and shadows.