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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

MIA - A bit lost

Sorry for the lack of posts of late, i am having issues with my internet connection which means browsing, posting, checking emails and anything to do with the internet is taking me forever and frustrating me to no end :( Made even worst at the moment as i am in the process of trying to redo all of my websites and get that sorted. I am thinking of redoing everying with wordpress but thats another story. Hopefully the internet should be sorted sometime in the next week so bare with me.
In the midst of this, I am trying to use my time wisely and get things done that i don't need the internet for, which is good in theory but to be honest i feel a bit lost, I seem to be jumping from one thing to another and "organising" everything without actually doing any work if that makes sense.
Hence the above two pics, i recently reorganised my studio and moved my main computer up there and added more space with an extra table, pinboards etc. I know some of you would be turning green by looking at all my space. I trully trully love having this space, it's also so good for my own mental wellbeing that i can close the door at the end of the day and put the work stuff behind me and move into family mode. The situation is a bit frustrating if i want to do work at night, but i still am getting my head around the idea that this was the reason why i moved it up here so i couldnt do too much at night as i am just not getting a break and need that time to do household chores and spend time with the family.

Along with all my studio organising, i had some task organising to do. I realised that there are lots of art and illustration competitions coming up that i really would like to enter, as well as my general tasks for the end of the year that wish to accomplish, and that i dont have any way to track these long term goals and projects. I keep a day per day, week by week view task list and calendar around at all times plus a monthly calendar on the wall but these do not allow me to schedule in my long term goals that i need to work towards.
So i decided to print out some month per view sheets from outlook and stick them on my cupboard.

On these i am writing out any comp deadlines or goals i have coming up so i can see how much time i have if i wish to enter them. Not sure the system would help anyone else but thought i would post in case your interested.

Also today i wanted to talk about this book:
I am a follower of sarah prout on twitter, when i heard this book was for sale i snapped it up. First up, what an inspiration, i am only a few chapters in but i am really enjoying it. It's also challenging my thinking as i am trying to move forward to work out for myself what i want out of life and art and business as these women have done. I have to admit its a little daunting to think and how much work i have to do to get there. I think its partly responsible for my strange mood, and not being settled on tasks its seems my bigger picture is all over the place and its affecting me. Best go try again to get my head down and try to do some artwork.
ps. its taken me over 2 hours to get this blog post up! grrrrr


Rose Welty said...

Belinda, you know what? You are really doing well. Stuff like the internet connection being bad always happens, but you are using it as an opportunity to do other things, rather than wasting time complaining about it. Most inspiring...:D

Yes, I am totally jealous of the creative space...I'm just going to have to muster up courage and clean out here so I have a nice spot to photograph like you.

Thanks for the link to the book!

Teresa Mallen said...

Your studio looks like a bright and inspiring place to be. I love spending time in my studio. I can feel myself getting a bit irritable if I haven't been able to spend as much time there as I would like. Congrats on the organizing!

Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, thanks for the inspiration. Your time is well spent encouraging us to organize! And...think and plan ahead. Your space looks great. Thanks!

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Belinda - I soooooo know how you're feeling when you can't get online in any consistent way. That's just the way I felt when my computers were acting up. Now I'm back online but I'm still having to deal with broadband which keeps dropping the connection and I can't get my head around changing my internet supplier which i what I think I need to do.

You are just so tidy and well organised. I'm also very taken by your calendar on the wall. That room is so impressive. I'm trying to remind myself that mine would be too if I could just get the clutter sorted and binned!

Sarah prout looks interesting

Anonymous said...

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