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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My new website and Blog

Hi all,

Ok so i have done it, i have created and new website and blog.
Its all integrated over here at:

So why do you ask? well more will be posted on that in the future but in short, i wanted to have my website and blog all in the one place. I wanted to upload images to my gallery which i could also upload and use in a blog post all on the one system. I wanted to be able to have a system which is easy to update which will save me time. Plus i was forced to as my old website was no longer working.

Blogger just didn't allow me to do all those things. Sure there are certain things that blogger does well that wordpress doesnt, but my tradeoff is all the other things i now have.

Please go along check my new site out, update your email subscriptions and your bookmarks with the below information. I love my old blog but i think its had its dash. i am considering to try and import my old posts but not sure whether i need that headache right now. Might wait a while.

Thanks for your understanding and your following :) :)

Art Journal and Website:
Just the blog:
New RSS feed at:

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