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Friday, February 20, 2009

Willys Bubbles WIP3, Three things I love about drafting film

"Willys Bubbles" WIP - coloured pencil on drafting film

Here is a photo of this is progressing and while i am here i thought i would post

3 things I Love Love Love about working on drafting film

  • 1. You can erase back to the original surface with no deterioration of the surface in seconds, so unlike if your working on paper, if its not working just erase it with a normal eraser and start again no evidence, even 6-7 layers of pencil (drafting film doesn't take much more than that)its just too easy.

  • 2. It's fast, so much faster than paper, this sized artwork would have taken me probably about double the time at least to get to the same stage on paper.

  • 3. I can double check my drawing on my original reference at almost anytime by placing it over the top of it, during the production, so for things like eyes and fine details in portraits you can refer back quickly and easily. its amazing how often the original drawing and even your shadows etc get out of wack as you go along.
Drafting Film Supplies
Note to Australian Residents, especially in the Central Coast area, i have noted there are two different versions of "drafting film" available in my local area even though they are still called drafting film. The drafting film i am using for this artwork is (i think) equivalent to what they call "Mylar" in the US, its slightly opaque and very silky / smooth.
The supply I am using I bought on a recent visit to Sydney. My local art shop supplies a version which is a little more "papery" if that's a word :) a texture a bit like tracing paper. The latter does not give the same effect. The cost different is usually also an indicator the papery version being about $2- an A2 sheet where as the better version about $6-.


Rose Welty said...

This is coming along so nicely Belinda...he's such an adorable boy, well, they both are!

Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, this is so beautiful. Interesting to learn about your process. I have not ever tried the drafting film. Maybe that would help me to do more cp.