Belinda Lindhardt

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Willys Bubbles WIP, Coloured Pencil on Drafting Film

"Willys Bubbles" WIP, CP on drafting film

Here is a teaser of my newest one. Its of my youngest son Will. He is such a cheeky boy i hope to capture a bit of that in this one.

It's 420X280mm, Coloured Pencil on Drafting Film.

I have tried to be quite round with the background using lots and lot of squiggles and colours. (click on the image for a larger view) this technique i think works a little bit better on paper than on drafting film, but its still progressing nicely i am happy with the way its going.

For those new to drafting film, its great for coloured pencils as you are able to colour on both sides of the film. Shadows and highlights can be encouraged by adding these too the back, giving off a really nice effect. Sometimes when applying details it can get a bit tricky as you are working in reverse, but its actually not too bad.
Will post more soon.


Vesna Designs said...

Wow Belinda, this is so far looking Fantastic, the deatil in his little hoody with stiching and all is freaking me got me curious about this drafing film, is it only for prncil work, or could you use pastels and charcole???
Can't wait for more!!!

Karie said...

Hi Belinda, love your blog, am really interested how your drafting film portrait comes out, it looks great so far, I actually found it difficult to work on as I like to put down many mnay layers which is impossible to do with drafting film, looks like you're an expert though!

Belinda Lindhardt said...

Thanks so much Vesna and Karie, glad to know you like my blog also :)

To answer your question Vesna i dont think you could use it for pastels etc i dont think it has enough tooth for it to stick, pencils are kinda waxy so they will stick to the smooth surface. You could always try tho ? I imagine you would need alot of fixative for the pastels to stay on.

I like lots of layers too Karie, i have to adjust the way i work when using the film. It does take less layers but thats a good thing, in this instance it speeds things up :)