Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, July 04, 2008

Update to my website - with Feedblitz

My appologies for the lack of posts this week, its been a busy one. Number 1 issue is I am looking for a new place to live which as i am sure you aware, is a major hassle even at the best of times and often takes more time than you anticipate. So here is hoping i can get all of that sorted out ASAP.

You may remember a little while i ago i mentioned my website was hacked and i was busy fixing it up. I am still doing that and during my procrastination of doing this i decided that i also need to update my front page. It's something i have been thinking about for a long time and wanted to incoporate more of a blog / update type feel to my website in order to promote traffic accross both sites but i still wanted it to retain the status of not being a blog and website in its own right.

I previously, had an "artnews" section which was manually via a html page edit, as well as a welcome image which was randomly generated from a selection of my recent work. Problem was it was becoming to time consuming to update the news and i found i didnt do it. Also i have lots of good info on my blog that some people might miss if they come directly to my site so i wanted to show that also.

So i decided why not incorporate all this info and have it publish on my website automatically. At you can see i now have i have my recent work in the middle, updates from my blog on the left (i wanted to include small thumbnails but that wasnt an option) and any important news that needs to stay current for a while such as my recent profile in artist palette magazine on the right.

For my artnews what i did was create anotehr blog which is just for art news... while i wouldnt expect anyone to go to this blog on its own this blog is purely there to push information to my website. I burned the feed and used BuzzBoost to get the html and put it on my page. Formatted it and its as simple as that :)

Now i have that all sorted all i have to do is update my gallery descriptions which is what i should have been doing in the first place and my website will be current !! :)


Jo Castillo said...

Belinda, super job. Looks great. (the link to your website doesn't work right here in this post, extra letters or something, but I got there.)

Cool ideas.

Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

I've been thinking a lot about you.
Hope the move goes smoothly.
I'll have to check out your website again. Great job on that!