Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, December 15, 2006

Gracie's mirror

Still no more on the bucket yet, but i have been working on another mirror as a Chrismas present for Gracie for her 1st Christmas. Its a little simpler than my previous ones but i like it like that. You cant see it well in this photo but I had lots of trouble getting the hair to look right for dark hair, its raining outside today so i will take a better pic hopefully later. :) I still have another one to go for Will, but i have just simply run out of time in the lead up to chrismas so he will have to get it for his birthday. I likely wont be doing much for the next few weeks we have a very hectic next few weeks of christmas and then we have Max's 3rd birthday in January so its likely i wont get much done. Will try tho ! A mothers work is never done :)

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