Belinda Lindhardt

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bucket update

Here is another bucket update. I have kinda been struggling with the colours on the shadows but i think we are getting there. The highlights i would like to get alot brighter but i am reaching the threshold with the layers and paper so i might just have to live with what i have got. I still have a ways to go all over but we are getting there.

I have had lots of comments on the forums regarding the hands and how they are bigger than they should be because of the distortion of the camera lens. But i dont mind the bigger hands in this instance i think they add to the character of the work :) The only thing i find annoying about this is now all i see when i look at it is the hands !!!! But i do think it kinda works if you ignore that .... i have lots of projects to finish for christmas so i am trying to get this one done otherwise if i put it down i wont pick it up again :)

But in saying that i am enjoying doing the portrait on dark paper i think i will definately give it another go :)

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