Belinda Lindhardt

Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome and Cumquats

I decided to start this to put down my thoughts and experiences mainly concerning my art simply because i keep forgetting!!! Everytime i do a piece i learn something new and then by the time i start the next one i have forgotten those lessons and then go "ahhh that right i remember this i have done this before" so anyway here is the blog. yay !

This is my latest piece "Cumquats" its my first one in quite some time after the birth of my second child Will. I had a hankering to do a new piece for a while and there were a few things i wanted to try which were: Dark paper, Artspectrum Colourfix paper, Rendering Glass and a subject which had some interesting lighting and shadows.

Out came the camera and took quite a few photos for composition this was the result. The final piece came out fairly well and met all the requirements of what i wanted to achieve so overall i am happy.

What i learn from this one:
- the importance of getting the drawing right, what you copy from a reference photo (even tho you trace it) doesnt mean that it looks right... so you need to adjust the drawing accordingly as i go along.
For the future this means to not being too finicky about the transfer of the drawing onto the paper, you adjust this as you go in terms of keeping all the lines perfect.
- Values - i got the values of the cloth & lemon completly wrong initially so i need to remember to get those values happening over the whole area before continuing on. i seem to really need to work on light colours .. darker colours ie. the flower i didnt have as much problem.
- I also learnt that erasing on Colourfix is great! you can erase almost back to the paper without any problem
- Dark paper - i work really well with the dark paper it seems to flow really easily for me i think i will use more of this in the future. i think its to do with that i am forced to put my lights down first.

As i said all in all i am happy with this one, one to frame and sell :)


Molly said...

ooo, very nice. I'm glad to see the finished product.

Molly said...

Very Nice Belinda! Happy to see the finished product :)