Belinda Lindhardt

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

So, i have made a start on my horses :) I have started with my pastel underpainting and with my backgrounds first. At the moment there is only blue pastel on the sky but i have started with more detail on the grass i applied quite a few layers of cp.

Being so large i found that i was making my usual mistake of not looking at the values and working "too close" so i stood up and worked which i found really helped as i could see the drawing as a whole in stead of in sections. It also allowed me to add in some different types of strokes i held the pencil very loosely almost laying it down on the paper as i worked and moved the position of it constantly (much like you do with charcoal) which allowed me to loosen up some.

I then very lightly dabbed places with some turpenoid to smooth the colour and cover the bits of paper, this should now allow me to go over it with much more detail.

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